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A small collection of important and interesting content available for everyone to download. Everything here can be copied and distributed freely as Jesus leads.

All downloads are in PDF format.

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Apologies of Jedidiah

A parable received/written by a brother in Christ to all believers, pastors and church goers a like; concerning an argument between four Christians regarding the subjects of: ceasing from sin completely, being perfect as God is perfect, being saved by Grace, God being our only Teacher, and false ministers and ministries. it is a vary in depth scripturally referenced look at all these subjects in the mode of an organized argument. A must read for all believers, especially those in church.


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Book of Spiritual Warfare

A book covering many details about spiritual warfare that most Christians do not know nor understand. A must read for anyone who is trying and fighting but having troubles with stumbling or the enemy always getting one up on them. This book is designed to open ones mind with information for them to take back to Jesus and have Him teach them how to implement the things spoken. If you know the commandment, but you are struggling in doing it, this book is for you.

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