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A small collection of important and interesting content available for everyone to download. Everything here can be copied and distributed freely as Jesus leads.

All downloads are in PDF format.

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Fear is the Root of All Sin

This document is written for those who truly want to be perfect. It expounds on the nature of sin and its weaknesses in regards to effective repentance which results in everlasting fruit of holiness and righteousness. A serious aid in understanding dealing with sin.

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Apologies of Jedidiah

A parable received/written by a brother in Christ to all believers, pastors and church goers a like; concerning an argument between four Christians regarding the subjects of: ceasing from sin completely, being perfect as God is perfect, being saved by Grace, God being our only Teacher, and false ministers and ministries. it is a vary in depth scripturally referenced look at all these subjects in the mode of an organized argument. A must read for all believers, especially those in church.


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Jedidiah Prophecies

A very serious collection of six prophecies addressed to the people of Jesus Christ regarding the end-times, now. Received around early 2017.

The first 5 prophecies are addressed to different categories of people within the body of Christ:
1. To the pastors and ministers concerning their transgression.
2. To those of people of Jesus who have heard the warnings and act foolish and lazy.
3. To the slaves, the blind and the deaf people of Jesus concerning the great danger set before them.
4. To the anointed and set-apart ones of the people of Jesus.
5. To the obedient people of Jesus.
6. To those who have ears to hear.

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Marriage Bed

If you are married or have been commissioned to preach regarding marriage and holiness, this document is a mandatory read. It speaks of a standard Jesus has given in testimony format. Many married couples deprive each other and others act out of self control; many also have unclean things and acts in their marriage bed that invite demons into their lives and marriage and have no clue. There are certain spiritual blessings that come with a holy marriage bed, including healing and deliverance. Also, Jesus has a very holy standard for His bride He is coming back for. This is a must read for all MARRIED believers and preachers on marriage holiness. This is NOT intended for anyone outside these audiences.

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