Warning: 2016/02/03*

A conversation Bro. Desil had with the LORD on February 3, 2016. Bro Desil asked the LORD some very great and important questions and received warnings as well as great edification:

Bro. Desil: How do You feel today? What is on Your heart, what is on Your mind?
Jesus: I'm in distress, Ruben. My heart is in anguish.

Bro. Desil: Why are you in anguish?
Jesus: I must exact judgement on My people.

Bro. Desil: You mean Your creation or Your children?
Jesus: My people, My house.

Bro. Desil: Uhhh…ummm… how close to You are these, Your people, and Your house whom You mention?
Jesus: My born again ones, the church.

Bro. Desil: The church as in Your body, Your set-apart ones?
Jesus: The very ones.

Bro. Desil: Why must You judge Your church, or Your body?
Jesus: To purge all impurity .

Bro. Desil: Will You kill, or destroy the impurity?
Jesus: If I must.

Bro. Desil: How exactly will you judge your house?
Jesus: With trials of fiery affliction. I will sorely test My church. I will try the reins of their hearts. Those who love Me will stand, those who do not love Me will fall.

Bro. Desil: Will there be any hope for them that fall, to find Your mercy?
(No answer given directly to the question except for encouragement and warning for me.)

Bro. Desil: May I ask how soon You are to judge Your house, Father?
( No answer given except encouragement for me and warning. )

Bro. Desil: May I ask what specifically grieves you Father about having to judge Your house? Why the anguish?
Jesus: Many whom I have brought up will fall away.

Bro. Desil: What will they fall away to, and/ or from?
Jesus: Many shall be deceived. Many shall be enticed. Many shall hate Me for the world's sake, for the saving of their lives. Many shall be ashamed of me. My judgement is coming soon and many are not prepared.

Bro. Desil: How are we to be prepared?
Jesus: Spend daily time with Me. Get to know Me. Obey Me. Deny yourselves, pick up your crosses, follow Me. Abide in Me, let My words abide in you.

Bro. Desil: Just to be abundantly clear Father, which words are You speaking of?
Jesus: Those that I speak to you.

Bro. Desil: What is the purpose of the words You speak to us?
Jesus: My words are life and spirit. I feed your spirit because you are to live according to the spirit. Just as your flesh needs bread, your spirit needs bread also. I am the bread of life. Eat me daily and so you will live.

Bro. Desil: Father, I know the importance of the Bible, and I am certainly not dismissing it, because you have told me of its importance, but many confuse hearing you with reading the Bible… can you clarify?
Jesus: My sheep hear My voice and obey Me.
I command by My voice,
I lead by My voice,
I counsel by My voice,
I instruct by My voice, and I rebuke by My voice.

Bro. Desil: How do we hear your voice?
Jesus: Repent.
(At this point I was getting much distraction so I left it off at that.)


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