Warning: 2017/02/06

(A burden of the LORD.)

Some days after posting my last post, Jesus had begun to really burden me regarding you my brethren whom He has called out (tagged and not tagged). The past few nights I have been having repeated dreams concerning His Word and you all. Not only myself but also a brother with me. We both have been getting serious warnings concerning you all which have terrified us for you. Many of you I love and respect, in fact, you probably have no idea how much. Regardless, the past week or so while sitting down in the counsel of the LORD He has sent me warnings concerning how those who have been called out are in great danger. As of right now, the LORD has me in a great position where all I do is seek Him day and night, which is why my activity here has not been much before this small season. A part from things personal to me, all He has been speaking to me about in this past week is how much He is very angry with those who He has called out, how many are not ready, how many are deceived and running with zeal and how they will be caught in a snare if they do not turn back to Him in humility ready to give up absolutely everything. You all have high callings that go beyond what any of us understand.

Among a few dreams, I have had one dream of this literal letter addressed to all of you (tagged and untagged) here on Facebook being written, then again the next night another where I saw a timeline and at the end I saw the Bride, her time was divided in two as if there were two groups, and after this I saw the harvest which was not yet ready, but His focus was on His bride. In the dream the LORD told me that those who he has called to be His bride (you my brethren), are playing the fool and are in the position to be disqualified. This dream repeated about three times and I saw these white buildings beside the bride, He indicated that the standard of His bride is absolute perfection, completely no sin and complete utter devotion to Him and His leading, 100% immaculate, no spot, wrinkle, blemish, (this is something we really must press into with our ALL, and He will finish the work if we trust in Him with our all). And He said they are not ready. He reminded Me that He Himself said FEW will be saved and most of those who are supposed to be in this number are rejecting their calling while thinking they are fulfilling it or on their way. He told me to write the following:

“Warn them of the warnings I have given you, then say to them this: My standard is complete perfection, I expect perfect obedience, many of you preach this but you do not do it. Do you think My call ‘COME OUT OF HER!’ means to just simply come out of a building? How can you be so carnal? I did not just call you out of a building, I have called you out of a way of life yet you refuse to be trained by Me to live in My new life according to My culture and My Kingdom. You have left the building to sit in the parking lot and do the same as those you preach against in your own way. Through your zeal you do your ministries and cry out to “Repent!”, but you yourselves do not do as you preach. You know My standard yet you will not do it, but yet you say that you do it. You tell others to cease from their sins yet you yourselves are not following Me. Some of you have lied to yourselves and continue to live in sin and say you are not, you have changed My standard to suit your own life style, changing My Laws and teachings and broken My Covenant just like the churches you know I am going to destroy. My wrath is coming for this very behaviour and YOU are doing this very thing.

Many of you have idolized your ministry and are NOT following My leading, you are addicted and bound to the Internet, YouTube and Facebook and receiving the support and validation of man and seducing spirits, you are addicted to defending yourselves and your beliefs and your ways. This is no different than the churches of men and the ministers and the hypocrites you preach against. I have given the call to come out of her, and many of you do not know what this means, you think it is just a building, you think it is just traditions, you think it is just sins and hypocrisy you see them doing, because you are not being trained by Me nor following My leading and the things I have sent to warn you in your life. Your faith is not completely in Me. You have left the building and still have broken the Covenant just as those before you. If you knew what time it is you would be much slower to speak and quick to listen, far more reverent, far more discreet, far more in fear in handling My Words and dealing with one another, you would be watching and waiting and you would be hearing My call to LEAVE THEIR PROPERTY COMPLETELY, come out of her! You do not even know who SHE is… Many of you are not ready, you are not following My leading but following your own zeal and knowledge, you are leaning on your own understanding and ways. You are still sinning, refuse to accept My convictions, refuse the angels I send you, your fellow brethren whom I send you and you choose to continue in pride.

Pride is your number one killer. You have become blinded, not looking towards Me. You see yourselves in a distorted view of who you really are, you see yourself as pleasing to Me, on your way and right in My eyes, because of your ministries and the pride over the some sins you have stopped doing. You have FALSE humility when dealing with others, in your heart you see them as inferior to you because of what you know and how you are used, you fight and defend your identity when challenged. You do not feed them My Words so they may learn to be fed by Me, you feed them your burning passions which is of little to no value. When I use who you view as weak to correct you, you do not even come back to Me giving up your all, to truly come to discern the TRUTH and see if you are truly in My leading, again this is pride. You run with what you have chosen to believe, much of which is deception given to you by false christs. You are not following Me nor being taught by Me, many of you are deceived and do not know, you have gone astray from where you started.

Did I not say that many false christs and false prophets will arise in the end, doing great signs to even deceive if it were possible My elect? Do you know what this means and the dangers that are now and the ones that lay ahead? You assume you cannot be deceived in your actions, that what you know must be the truth because you are 'that elect', again because of pride. If you were that elect your fruit would be exactly like Mine. Your hypocrisy stinks worse than the churches of men you preach against, for at least they say 'they can't stop sinning' and believe their own lie, you say 'you must stop sinning' then change My standards to suit yourselves then defend your own standards saying 'your doing My will'.

I’m going to destroy every single sinner; every single sinner on this planet will perish! They've trampled My standard. This will not continue. This will NOT continue! The time of the end is at hand! Those who are righteous, let them be more righteous. Those who are filthy, let them be more filthy; I will come and wipe them off the face of this planet. Earth will be like Heaven: My laws, My statutes, My principles, My judgments will reign in the Earth, Earth will be like Heaven. I will reign on this Earth. I am coming soon…

Sadly, you who have been called out, almost NONE OF YOU ARE READY. I am giving you little space to repent. Pay attention to the call, come completely out of her so you will not partake of her sins any longer nor partake in her plagues. If you have ears to hear, come back to Me, slow down and learn from Me so you will know what lies ahead and walk in My leading, do not harden your hearts. You do not know the time you are living in, everything is not the way it seems.”


I tagged who I was told to tag and did not tag who I was told not too. However this message is for all both tagged and not tagged. This message has not only been given to those on Facebook, and has already testified true to this saying:

2Co 2:14 But thanks be to Elohim who always leads us on, to overcome in Messiah, and manifests through us the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.
2Co 2:15 Because we are to Elohim the fragrance of Messiah among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.
2Co 2:16 To the one we are the smell of death to death, and to the other the fragrance of life to life. And who is competent for these?


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