Warning: 2017/05/25*

A Terror to those who will not hear:

"This message is for the purpose of communicating some basic truths, both to those who refuse Me and hate My Words, in order to prepare them to justly swallow the burning of My anger in their judgment, and to those very few who will hear and be scarcely saved from the same destruction.

The instruments of the end-times, which I have used to sear the consciences of those who perishing, are being used and shall continue to be used in a capacity beyond what you can imagine. I am wrapping up My truths in layers of mystery and obscurity so that only those who seek will find. Those who do not will fall into the snare of the ditch: the mystery and obscurity that I deliberately cloak my truths with will cause them to stumble and set an irremovable bridle of error upon their jaws, leading them to destruction through their own folly. I do not give what is holy to dogs, nor do I cast My pearls before swine, and that is what most of you are—dogs and swine. Do you think that the revelations being openly broadcasted by the masses are gems of Mine? [scoffs] They are trifles. I will not give My most precious truths out to those who do not seek Me for who I am. I have permitted certain information to be shared openly, knowing that Christians would drool over it, keeping them caught up in being dazzled by common rocks, while the precious stones I am reserving for those who love Me.

I employed lies to fulfill My purpose in the days of Micaiah, when I was determined to cause King Ahab to fall in the battle of Ramoth-Gilead; I Myself (it is I, the LORD, who did this) sent one to be a lying spirit in the mouth of the prophets of the LORD. Why do you think I would not do it again? Today, those who call themselves CHRISTIAN have become drunk with lies, and those among them who are prophets pass around the same cup that causes them to err. Yes, My prophets speak lies in My Name to fulfill that which was spoken again:

I shall provoke you to jealousy by those who are not a nation, I shall enrage you by an unwise nation.

For those who are a great nation today, who boast in the name ‘Christian,’ I have allowed to become filled with deception, so that My beloved elect, who are no nation of esteem, who have no wisdom of this age, when they speak My Words that I put in their mouth—when they speak against those who boast, then Christians shall be enraged and made jealous by them, by My witnesses! This is MY nation, this is MY wisdom! And they shall not speak with the persuasiveness or the wisdom or the comeliness of Christians, but the sting of a scorpion shall be in their lips, and the burn of poison shall be in their tongues. When they speak, indeed, this scripture will again be fulfilled which says:

See, I lay in Zion a Stone of stumbling and a Rock of offense, and he who falls on this stone shall be broken, but on whomever it falls, he shall be ground to powder.

All that the Father has is Mine, and all that is Mine belongs to My elect.

For, though you will not believe it, I will tell you what I shall do: I shall set up signs (yes, it is My determination to do this) that shall fall upon the wicked, godless God-professors, and shall crush them; and those who fall upon these signs—who jump on them to follow them—shall be broken without remedy. Indeed, I have already done so, and will do it again!

Do you not realize that the enemy strives to fulfill the scriptures himself and out-do Me with his prophesying, in order to draw the eyes of My people away from My wisdom, to seduce them away from seeking My likeness? The signs he sets up are obvious, not subtle, and are without wisdom; they are carnal, designed specifically to be noticed and believed by the eyes of flesh; they are made to attract those whose hearts are drawn to sensation. Those who read the scriptures see these false fulfillments all around, and these very fulfillments are like a bedazzling light show, a theatre play before them. Their excitement about these signs is sorely mistaken.

But My signs shall be so scarcely noticed that only those who love Me will be able to see them, and only because I Myself reveal them to them. They will not be seen by carnal eyes, not be understood by carnal minds, and not be believed by carnal hearts. Those who do catch them and believe them will be thought crazy, because, as it is written:

I shall destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the learning of the prudent. Where is the wise? Where is the scholar? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

Those who seek the signs of the times, those who desire the wisdom of study, I will keep My signs hidden from; but to the infants I will give it, those who are not a nation, those who are an unwise nation, the lightly-esteemed, the weak, the simple, the off-casts, the hidden, those without might, those who have no standing in this world. And by these foolish people (but they are wise), these feeble people (but they are mighty), these who are no nation (but they are MY NATION!), I will provoke the learned ones to jealously, to anger; I will cause them to be broken, I will cause them to be crushed!

Oh, you fools and blind, you snakes, you children of hell! Why are you looking to confirm My testimony by the sight of your eyes before you believe? Do you think I will show My wonders to the world? No, I will hide them from the world! Did I not say that I would reveal Myself to those who love Me, who keep My Word, but not to the world? I said, truly, that into those who love Me and keep My Word, My Father and I would come and make Our stay. And it is in these (oh, My elect!) that I will reveal My signs, because I have revealed Myself to them first. I will cause this scripture to again be fulfilled, this time in them, which says:

The Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned, that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word. Morning by morning he awakens, he awakens my ear to hear as the learned.

Amen. This is My promise to those who seek Me and love Me.

But those whose eyes are never filled with swallowing up sights, those whose ears are greedy to take in knowledge, I will provoke by signs that are foolishness to them, by a people who do not fulfill the scriptures according to the flesh, but according to the inspiration of My almighty Spirit.

You will look, and not find; you will listen, but hear nothing; you will prophesy, but you will be humiliated by the response of silence. For why do you think I will make My signs of the times obvious to those who have no faith? As it is written, ‘The sign is for the doubting,’ but now My signs will pass over the world and pass over Christians who doubt, and seeing them will be the reward to those who love Me. So these signs will be no terror, but a terror; they will not display Me to mankind, but they will glorify the wisdom of My hidden-ness. Though at first no one will see them and tremble, at first no one will notice them and be startled, yet later on they shall be the cause of terror, the cause of trembling, the cause of startling, the cause of groaning, because the demonic signs that satisfy the itching ears of the wicked Christians will be the cause of their going astray. These are the bridle of error that I will set upon their jaws, to lead them into the ditch. And then My signs will be disclosed at the end, when it is too late.

This is My call now: To those who will listen, do not be sifted with the sieve of delusion. Because the enemy can employ anything else but the full truth, and his jurisdiction is anything but My true values. Truly, all is vanity to Me apart from the uprightness that comes from God unto eternal life. So when you judge the winds of doctrine that blow your way, when you test the voices you hear and the presences you encounter, the measure must be My standard. And I tell you this now, and I tell it to you with utmost urgency: My measure, My standard, is PERFECTION, NO SIN, CLEANNESS of heart, PURITY and SIMPLICITY of mind, SINGLENESS of intent; not a double-intentioned heart, not a half-measured zeal, not trying and failing and thinking it’s okay. I TEACH THOSE WHO LOVE ME TO WALK BEFORE ME IN BLAMELESSNESS, with NO SIN, PERFECT and ACCEPTABLE to My Father! I do not embrace a filthy bride with the semen of Satan staining her garments, with his finger-marks all over her arms! How DARE you think such lowliness of Me! How DARE you assume such flippancy of Me! I will NOT marry a whore, a perverse woman who loves his charms!

Any spirit, any voice, any doctrine that does not bear the testimony that I require complete, perfect and full love, complete, perfect and full obedience, is a spirit, a voice, a doctrine of whoredom, of compromise. You must be perfect, just as My Father is perfect, because it is My Father’s likeness that I love about My Bride. A heart that is in love with Me is going to bear obedience to Me, is it not? Is not the most basic aspect of love’s outward show submission, willing obedience? Is it not also hatred of sin? Do you see someone compromising My standard, dipping their foot in rebellion, in filth, in sin? Such a one does not know what it means to love Me.

Do not tell Me you are unable to fulfill My requirement! You insult My Spirit of grace in doing so. You say that you are saved by grace, but grace is all-sufficient power to choose the right. My Spirit enables you to do this by His guidance, His teaching, His training. You are able.

Do not tell Me there is too much opposition from Satan and the world! I cause you to pursue a hundred, and a hundred of you to put ten thousand to flight. And I make your enemies to fall before you. I give you power to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, so that nothing at all can harm you.

Your only excuse left is that you do not want to follow Me. But those who diligently seek Me, who test what they hear and see, who love Me, will long for My standard, will yearn for that calling. So they will recognize it when they see it. When they judge, they will not accept compromise of My standard from any spirit, any voice, any doctrine. They will look for utter pristine cleanness in the Lord that they are being led to follow. And so, they will test a spirit based on whether it leads them to the fullness of this. They will cast out any spirit who allows for any sin in its doctrine, any reservation in its calling. That is how they judge what is from Me and what is not, because in that standard, the glory of God shines from the reflection of My likeness."

The Words of the LORD received by a brother dwelling in the wilderness.


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