Warning: 2017/05/31*

“And it was given to the beast to make war with the saints and to overcome them.”
– Revelation 13:7a

“And I heard another voice from the heaven saying, ‘Come out of her, My people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.’”
– Revelation 18:4

"As it stands today, the beast that comes up from the bottomless pit has already conquered and killed the saints.

Back in 2010, a brother in Christ whom I know began receiving words from the Lord about a coming destruction that was to take place in August, but he was not told what year. As years went on, he saw that other followers of Jesus were receiving the same word about destruction coming in August and publicizing it on YouTube, but they were not given a year either.

The Lord had given this brother a sign indicating that, in whatever year he saw the sign, he would know that this destruction was to take place in August of that same year. I had known about the words from the Lord that this brother had received and knew about the sign he was waiting on, so I myself was also watching for it. The Lord even had us warn many people about destruction coming, and specifically tell them to ASK JESUS about it, and to prepare for it—not prepare by accumulating things or by travelling or hiding, but spiritually prepare by obeying whatever Jesus was telling them to do about it.

Then, in April 2016 (last year), this brother and I saw the big sign occur right before our eyes that he had been waiting on, so that meant destruction was to take place in August 2016. When May came, Jesus had us (with a few other siblings in Christ) leave everything behind, including our possessions, our homes and our families, and sent us away to wherever He would lead us to keep us safe from this destruction that was to take place in three months. We did not know exactly what this destruction was supposed to be, or what to expect, but we forsook everything abruptly without goodbyes and without intention of ever coming back.

The Lord led us into a wilderness alone, halfway across our country, to pray and wait in the forest, out of society, where He took care of us miraculously. Then August came. On the night of the 27th of August, He told us destruction was happening that night. The next morning, when we checked the news, there were no reports of destruction anywhere. We wondered what had happened. It looked like nothing had changed and like everything we had heard was false. But Jesus assured us that destruction had actually happened. We had to keep trusting Him, believe what He had told us, and still follow His leading. We chose to believe that destruction had happened even though we saw absolutely no evidence of it, because the word of God does not fail, and we walk by faith, not by human sight.

Jesus had also forewarned us a while before August 2016 that, after destruction hit, He was going to have us leave our country to fulfill whatever He had for us elsewhere. That is what He did: shortly after August, He led the very small group of us to get up and leave our country and go where He sent us, so we obeyed just like we would have obeyed if we had seen destruction occur.

Jesus told us that the destruction that had happened was a SPIRITUAL destruction, not a physical one that you could see with your eyes, but it was even more devastating. All of a sudden, we began finding out that EVERYONE whom we had warned back home about destruction, who had not left the world system—our families, our friends, and even our brothers and sisters in Christ—had spiritually fallen away and were not getting back up. Those who had been about to leave with us ended up staying behind and went back into sin, even if they had started following Jesus. Those who were about to give their lives to the Lord turned back and did not do so. EVERYONE fell; no one escaped, except us who had obeyed the Lord and left society before the spiritual devastation hit, which locked everyone else in place and spiritually destroyed them.

We watched even our most dedicated and anointed brothers and sisters fall into apostasy, and those who had already been in a fallen state just seemed unable to get up again; their hearts hardened and their minds closed. When we spoke to them, they just couldn’t hear what we were saying anymore. They had also been called by the Lord to leave, but did not follow their convictions, so they were caught in the wave. This destructive wave was not just limited to our hometown or even to our country; we began seeing its spiritual effects on ALL our brothers and sisters on YouTube, around the WORLD. And this wave has not stopped; it is still continually going right now.

Now, being settled in the place where Jesus sent us, in another wilderness in another country, waiting on Him, we have been hearing Him keep saying to us, “IT IS THE END. NO ONE IS LISTENING.” Everyone we know back in the system, who is still working a job, going to school, paying bills, going about business as usual, is not paying attention—just as it was in the days of Noah. Every Christian we know with a high calling, who has been personally taught by Jesus and anointed, was also being called for a while to leave the system like we were. Who, besides our tiny group, did so?

It is not only secular society that the Lord warned us about; He also warned us about church. There are many Christians whom the Lord has called out of church over the years, but after we left the humdrum system, the Lord has given us commandment now to not even set FOOT in church, because destruction has struck church, too—spiritual death. Everyone we know of in church is either dead in sin or dying; or their eyes are closed, ears are stopped and hearts are dulled; or they are swallowed by apostasy; or they are not listening to Jesus, not paying attention, not aware of the times. It’s the end, and NO ONE is listening.

In society, people are dependent on the system, addicted to entertainment and various kinds of sin, weighed down and distracted by cares of this life. In church, people are taught by man every week rather than by God; they maintain the same show of lifting hands and singing in emotional, vain worship. They feel “full” from being fed the same comforting routines that just SEEM spiritual. All of this keeps people convinced that they’re making real progress, while they are still SINNING, in some form of BONDAGE, and truthfully not doing what JESUS has actually told them to do Himself. Deep down they sense this and feel empty or lost, but cannot pin-point what they are still missing, or what the problem is.

Church is a prison house. It has never led people to learn how to hear and recognize Jesus’ voice, nor how to obey and follow Him, nor how to be taught everything directly by Him. 1 John 2:27 says that, in the New Covenant, we do not need any MAN to teach us, but the “Anointing” that we receive from GOD is our Teacher in everything. This means Jesus, the Christ (Christ means “the ANOINTED One”), is supposed to be our direct and only Teacher; we are supposed to learn from His voice. This Anointing that we get from God is the teaching that comes from Jesus’ voice, from His Spirit. But church has always put man as a teacher in PLACE of the Anointing, and still calling it the New Covenant when doing that is in fact a VIOLATION of what the New Covenant itself is supposed to be. Putting man in place of Jesus is the very definition of ANTI-CHRIST, because “anti-” means “against” or “in place of” and “Christ” means “the Anointed One”. Anything that places man in the position of Jesus, including the position of being our direct teacher, is anti-christ. Anything that places man’s traditions and teachings in the position of the Anointing (the teaching coming directly from Jesus’ mouth) is anti-christ. Anything that replaces the New Covenant, which revolves around being taught by Jesus and becoming perfect like Jesus, is also anti-christ. This is exactly what the system of church does: it puts a man in place of Christ, it puts man’s words in place of the Anointing, and it puts the religion of Christianity in place of the New Covenant, a religion which has no power to save or perfect anyone, whereas the Covenant DOES perfect us, where Jesus teaches how to CEASE from sin. This is why church is anti-christ: it causes you to be supported by, depend on and learn from man rather than Jesus, and does not actually deliver you from sin.

The beast that comes up from the bottomless pit wages SPIRITUAL war on the saints, and it conquers and kills them SPIRITUALLY—which it has, by and large. The second beast causes the small, the great, the rich, the poor, the free and the slave to give themselves a mark upon their right hand (their deeds) or upon their forehead (their mind), so that they can no longer buy or sell spiritually from Jesus Christ. That is why Jesus said if your RIGHT HAND causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. The mark is also SPIRITUAL, and it has already killed many anointed Christians by them branding themselves with it, blaspheming His Spirit. Do you know what ANY of this even means? We really can’t see just how dark the world has gotten because all of the end-times signs are SPIRITUAL; they are not seen or interpreted by the flesh (human eyes). Christians are expecting to be able to recognize these signs, but nobody will be able to except for those who have become blind in THIS world so that they can TRULY see. Jesus is coming like a thief in the night, and no one can predict a thief’s coming, can they? So Jesus has to show us what these prophecies and signs mean, and show us how exactly to respond to them and how to prepare; man cannot interpret them for us at all.

Do not brand yourself with the mark of the beast. Do not refuse the Lord’s Anointing that He wants to give you; be taught by JESUS instead of being taught by man and blaspheming the Lord’s Anointing. Obey whatever call Jesus is giving you; do what He is telling you, go where He is sending you, even if that is into a wilderness, away from the system. If He is telling you to be set apart, then be set apart. Come out of Babylon, and come out of the beast, and come out of polluted religion, so that you don’t share in sin and receive of the plagues that have ALREADY started raining down. But you must find out what JESUS wants you to do by asking Him; then obey whatever He says to you. Do not make your OWN decisions or assume what these things mean; follow only what Jesus SAYS to you.

Start with dealing with sin: whatever Jesus is telling you to do in order to stop each one of your sins, DO IT, because this is the very first priority. Those who sin are dead, and dead people cannot get up and follow Jesus out of Babylon. You must be ALIVE first; you must put away all of your sins and do whatever Jesus has been telling you. As you start learning how to cease from sin and are guided by Jesus’ voice, everything else will be added to you (including understanding the times and prophecies). He will teach you all truth, which is something only He can do. Depend on Him and His Anointing, and do not trust the voice of man."


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