Be Warned Pride is a Killer

Once we come to a place where we are hearing the voice of Jesus and learning from Him, one of the main attacks the enemy sends that snares many is pride. Not just any pride, but a pride that is inspired from our deliverance, hearing the voice of Jesus, learning from Him and other truths linked to these things. This type of pride is very difficult to see for any who have not been trained to deal with it. It is a very serious matter and everyone who comes into the New Covenant with Jesus should ask Him about this and learn to guard. Here are some basics regarding pride.

What is pride?

Pride is corrupt views of who we are and our value in Jesus (too high or too low). Jesus sees us all equally in His Love, no one is valued more than the other. This corruption happens because we take our eyes of Jesus and the truth; that is, if we even have come to know the truth.

Those who see themselves too high, they often run ahead of Jesus and become foolish, they get locked like this if they begin to follow false angels of light or false-christs, because they believe they are following Jesus and that they are not in error. They defend their greatness and are easily threatened because they are comparing themselves to people, because they are looking to the left and the right. If they do notice they are being too high, they often times slip into false humility making themselves lower in the wrong way.

Those who see themselves too low, become fearful and cowardly and then fall into false humility. They treat themselves like trash, while still in hypocrisy every so often, project themselves as great (becoming too great) seeking validation from peoples reactions, again their eyes are not on Jesus but comparing themselves to others, looking to the left and to the right.

True humility is simply abiding in the Truth and obeying Jesus leading. We should see ourselves as Jesus sees us, ask Him to reveal who you are in Him, make sure what you receive is founded on righteousness, holiness and right judgment. Many receive who they are in Christ and it has no fruit, it is vanity and leads them to see themselves in pride (too great or too low). People often confuse callings with their identity. Callings are temporary gifts, they are not who you are. If who we are is founded on righteousness, holiness and right judgment, then who we are will always remind you to keep His commandments and operate in right ruling when dealing with others, this is how we know we are abiding in God who is Love and that we love the people of God.

Symptoms of this pride:

People who have begun to take in seeds of pride or are already growing and bearing fruit of pride (especially pride of being a child of God) will have symptoms that will not look like pride at first unless the light of Jesus is shining on it. Here are a list of a few symptoms, after will be a list of helpful housekeeping tips to help guard from these things and more:

Hasty and impulsive.

This kind of behavior in its self is not the pride, but it definitely attracts the spirit, plants seeds and if solidifies in one’s character will definitely feed pride. They are moving to fast and not waiting on Jesus. This can also turn into addiction and this is often visible in ministries people are doing, even ministries Jesus has called them to do. We really must be slow and follow Jesus' leading and not confuse righteous zeal (which energizes us), for the Holy Spirits "Yes, go ahead". Meekness is power under control.

Explaining or defending one’s self.

In discussion or if advice or correction from a brother or sister, one who tends to be quick to explain themselves or defend their position is operating in pride. Especially if the explanation and defense has nothing to do with Jesus. We should be slow to speak and quick to listen.

Fear of being wrong.

At first these seems harmless, because no one wants to be wrong, but having a fear of being wrong can cause one to react to correction in an unfruitful manner, pride will grip them and they will not even know. Fear is often what leads people to defend, do not fear being wrong, love correction.

Not loving correction.

Those who have a hard time simply receiving correction, if they get very agitated, angry, frustrated, anxious, fearful or anything along these lines, they are definitely in pride. Not loving correction is dangerous, we need to be willing to learn, willing to change and be happy when we receive truth and rejoice in the truth. We should desire and love truth above all things. Jesus is the Truth, we should be seeking Him and His Truth in all situations, even if it causes us to make sacrifices, even painful sacrifices. Be willing and open. Those who are not are not in a very good position, this attitude is and can be a worse situation over time.

Attributing work of the Spirit to self.

If Jesus uses you to heal someone or do deliverance or some other work of the Spirit, even though it is true He used you and there are examples in the Bible where people say, they healed so and so, or they did this or they did that, this type of thinking leads to pride, especially in our day. We should simply say Jesus or the Holy Spirit did it, give all glory to God and leave ourselves out of it. Let God reward you openly.

Desiring to teach.

Those who seek to teach people must be super careful. Jesus is the teacher, He has not called us to teach one another revelations He has given us. Those who always want to be teaching people things are operating in pride even though they may simply be trying to help people. The main thing Jesus calls us to teach, is to teach people to come to Him and be taught by Him, this is after we ourselves come to Him and are trained. Other teachings will circulate around being taught by Jesus and warns that guard people and keep them in the New Covenant. Teaching anything outside of this is dangerous and often vanity.

Changing the Laws.

Those who read the clear commandments of Jesus and change the meanings through interpretation, which ironically suits their life styles… Not only is this sin, but the root of it is fear and a pride that is defending their current life style. This is super dangerous. Trying to justify yourself and your identity in Jesus by twisting His words is breaking the Covenant and also setting one up to be a slave to pride and sin believing one has ceased from sin and on their way. Be humble and willing to change, learn from Jesus who resists the proud and gives more Grace to the humble.


Here are some basic housekeeping principals to take back to Jesus and learn from Him how to execute. These will greatly help with crushing pride:

Keep your eyes on Jesus.

This sounds like common sense, however taking our eyes off Jesus is exactly how we fall into pride. Ask Jesus to teach you how to keep your eyes and ears on Him and follow Him each step and each sentence. He is the light of the world, if we take our eyes off Him, we will not be able to see anymore. Many get seduced by false angels of light and false-christs thinking these are the voice of Jesus and follow these thinking it is the light, when the light in them is actually darkness. We must be willing to deny ourselves, count the cost and give up everything for the Truth, Jesus Christ.

Believe Jesus.

Believe what Jesus has taught you and told you, make sure they are the things that are built on righteousness, holiness, and right judgment. It is important that you believe who you are in Jesus which is built on righteousness, holiness and right judgment because many believe a lot of things about themselves that they say they received from Jesus, which just feeds them with pride. The things they believe is simply vanity, it has no fruit nor substance to keep them grounded. When it is built on righteousness, holiness and right judgment, the very definition of who you are will be a reminder to keep His commandments and give right ruling when dealing with others; in this we love the children of God. Again, if Jesus tells you your calling, this does not define you, many find out they are prophets and take this on as their identity and then see themselves as greater in the Kingdom. Prophesying will cease, but the Word of God will endure forever.

Going back to Jesus.

Whenever you go back to Jesus about anything, do so with a desire for the truth, not a desire for being right and not with fear of being wrong. If you already know the truth about what you are bringing before Him, still take it back to Him receive a refreshing or new Grace on it, or wisdom on the situation that took you back to Him. If a response is need, receive one from the LORD that will glorify Him and be edifying those in whom you need to respond to, rather than trying to justify and defend your position even if it is right. Meaning, while speaking the truth, do so in the spirit of meekness and servitude rather than offensive or defensive.

If you are accused of sin.

Take it back to Jesus, do not defend yourself right away. Go back to Jesus with the accusation, deny yourself, do not hold on to any preconceived ideas, just go back to Jesus for the truth. Make sure you are either not doing that sin or that you repent of it if you were. Many who come in to the New Covenant hold on to yesterday’s instruction and wisdom and reject correction the LORD could be sending through a vessel, even vessels of dishonor who could be in error themselves, we cannot judge people and assume God is not using them. Jesus uses those who continue to sin and even sends prophecy through them, we all must be responsible for taking things back to Jesus regardless of the messenger. Go back and make sure, if the one who accused you is in error, ask Jesus how to respond truthfully, in a way that glorifies Him, so that the other maybe edified, do not seek to defend yourself or try and justify yourself. These plant seeds of pride.

If you are given advice.

Take it back to Jesus, do not be too quick to just toss it to the side. Go back to Jesus and ask Him if this is what He wants you to do, if this advice is wise. Chances are it will not be from Him and He very well will not want you to do it, most human advice is not of very much value. However we should still be diligent in seeking the LORD because He could be testing you, or He could very well want you to do what is advised. Scraping advice because we already know (even if it is true), plants seeds of pride, this behavior could become a big problem in the future.

If you are given error (in correction or advice).

If someone who has corrected you or is giving you advice and their correction/advice is straight up error or sin and you know it: Take it back to Jesus and ask Him how to handle the situation in right judgment, truth and a way that will glorify Him and edify the other. This should not take long. Go back to the person as Jesus has lead you with what Jesus has given you.

Be like the humble little child.

Ultimately be like the humble (obedient) little child. Be like the child who hears something from someone and goes home and asks mommy and daddy saying, “So and so said this, this and this to me today…”, let mommy and daddy then tell you the truth and even instruction on how to deal with the situation. These children do not go home feeling they are right and go back to their parents telling them what happened, then go with their own zeal on how they want to handle it. The child who does this often gets in trouble because the way they handled it was not wise and often violent (that’s if they even go back to their parent first). The humble obedient little child who has already been trained still communicates with their parents, they seek to see if they can learn anything new, and they seek counsel on how to handle the situation, even if they have been here before. They let the parent decide on how things should be done. This attitude will crush pride when dealing with others and helps us keep our eyes and ears on Jesus all the time.

A Serious warning!

The symptom of not loving correction and ignoring the housekeeping in how to treating accusations of sin correctly, is a super deadly combination that hits many who operate in pride. Make sure you go to Jesus and be conformed to the heart that loves correction and be trained in how to deal with rebukes, both truthful and false ones. It is worse if the person has changed the Laws and feel they are not sinning because of their interpretation of Jesus Words and mixing them with the prophets of the Old Covenant, when the reality is they are in sin and Jesus' Words are Law. People like this who do these things have broken the New Covenant and pride leaves them there and guards them there. Pride leads people especially babes in Christ, younger ones in the faith in spirit (one could be following Jesus for 20 years and still be a babe), to start following false-christs and false angels of light which leave them comfortable. Pride leads them to break the New Covenant and stop learning from the Holy Spirit and start learning from another spirit. Pride does this through changing that one’s view of their identity in Jesus Christ and their value, it is very easy.

Accused of pride?

Be warned when you obey Jesus you will have some who will accuse you of pride (because in your obedience you will not agree with nor hearken and follow after them), still go back to Jesus to make sure you are clean. However as you grow in your obedience, most of these accusations will be done behind your back, it will be in gossip. Also be on guard that you do not fall into the same mistake. It is very easy through pride, to accuse someone else of pride because they are obeying Jesus and not listening to you. Remember to judge rightly through the Holy Spirit and not based on emotions, like the world and the immature Christians do. Trust in Jesus follow after Him and He will work all things out. At the same time, do not doubt and fall into false humility if Jesus leads you to speak to someone about anything, including pride, this in its self can be pride (seeing yourself as too low).

Who you are?

Be on guard, be sure you are not operating as if you are greater or lower than who Jesus has defined you by. This is not a matter of what you think consciously about your self, but what you think in your heart with what you do, how you act and what you say. Make sure you have received from Jesus who you are, that is founded on doing what is right and truthful, that is founded on being set-apart from this world and that is founded on discerning and judging according to truth and what is right, with no hypocrisy or partiality or error. Who you are is not a calling (prophet, apostle, pastor and so on), who you are should be a child of God, born of the incorruptible Word of God who destroys sin. Let Jesus teach you and reveal this to you, when He does it changes you, it changes how you see yourself and others.

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