Hearing the Voice of Jesus

Jesus speaks to everyone

Everyone has heard the voice of Jesus in some way or another. The problem is many have not learned to discern His voice. How is it everyone has heard Him you ask? Jesus is trying to save people, He has no problem speaking to peolple because He is trying to save them. It is written:

Joh 16:7 “But I say the truth to you. It is better for you that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper shall not come to you at all, but if I go, I shall send Him to you.
Joh 16:8 “And having come, He shall reprove the world concerning sin, and concerning righteousness, and concerning judgment

Heb 1:1 Elohim, having of old spoken in many portions and many ways to the fathers by the prophets,
Heb 1:2 has in these last days spoken to us by the Son, whom He has appointed heir of all, through whom also He made the ages,

Heb 12:25 Take heed not to refuse the One speaking. For if those did not escape who refused the warning on earth, much less we who turn away from Him from heaven

The Holy Spirit was sent to convict the whole world, to correct the world regarding sin, righteousness and judgment. Jesus is the one God speaks through and Jesus speaks form Heaven through His Holy Spirit. Not only this, Jesus has His messengers who are gifted by His Spirit who are speaking to many. The problem is many do not recognize this as Jesus, He confirms through conviction. It is through the Holy Spirit we are brought to Jesus so that we maybe saved:

Joh 6:45 “It has been written in the prophets, ‘And they shall all be taught by יהוה.’ Everyone, then, who has heard from the Father, and learned, comes to Me.

So you see, the Holy Spirit is drawing all to Jesus, the Father is leading all to His son, the question is who is discerning, who is judging which voice is which, who is hearing and following. This is all being said so that you will not doubt and know that Jesus has spoken to you already and hearing from Him now is not hard at all.

Where to start

The best place to start with hearing from Jesus is repentance from sin. Even if you kind of believe in Jesus and are not sure. Jesus said those who keep His Words they are those who love Him and He will show Himself to them (John 14:21). The best place to start is repentance from sin, and doing what you know is right. Jesus reveals Himself to you and reveals the truth to you, for He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Now if you are at a place where you do not know how to do what is right and have been struggling then click here. This article will give a very good in depth break down on ceasing from sin, starting with hearing the voice of Jesus. The first section especially is literally built on the same foundation of what this article speaks on. The foundation is this:

Go into prayer, ask Jesus whatever question, wait on Him to respond. That is it, it is very simple, however in this article we will cover some very important house keeping principles that will help guard from deception, confusion and other snares that can occur with more than just the subject of sin.

House keeping

When asking Jesus questions, we need to make sure we repent of any sins, deny ourselves of our own way, do not fear or doubt especially Him answering, believe Him and know He will answer, desire the Truth more than anything. This will greatly help clarity in receiving answers from Him, especially answers that go beyond morality. When an answer is given, be sure to test the message, do not just run with any and everything that pops in your head. When you have heard from Jesus believe what you have heard, obey if it is an instruction, guard it and keep it in your heart. Through all of this be patient. If you have problems doing any of these, ask Jesus to teach you and help you do them:


The number one house keeping principle is to deal with sin first. Repent of any known sins. Change your heart and mind from them and if you do not know what to do to overcome, this would be a good time to ask Him and wait on an answer. Also you need to repent of any of your own desires, deny yourself and only want the truth. This is massive especially if you are asking questions that are relating to your own desires. Come to Jesus with an attitude that really just wants to know the truth and is willing to give up everything. In fact you can give it up in your heart before even seeking Him for the truth.

No fear No Doubt

While waiting do not doubt that He is going to answer, do not be afraid of the answers, if you have any of this in you repent, change your mind from these. Jesus will answer you and everything He says is good even if it may seem intimidating. There is no reason to doubt of fear. Be open and honest and just desire and love truth more than being wrong, more than being right, just love the truth do not fear correction.

While Jesus is answering you, do not fear or doubt, if you do, it is possible for the message to become harder to receive and or the enemy may try and hi-jack. Sin opens doors. Believe Jesus, trust Jesus, even if you receive or hear wrong, be patient, wait on Him. Do not fear or doubt anything. Patience, having a good and positive attitude towards waiting helps greatly. Expect an answer and at the same time do not be shocked if the enemy starts messing with you.

Test the Spirit

With subjects that have no teaching in how to overcome sin, and if you are still struggling in abiding in Jesus, you will have to take some time to test the spirits to make sure they are of God. However, Jesus made it clear if we obey Him then we will know the truth (John 8:31-32), He said He is the light of the world, if we abide in Him we will not be in darkness (John 8:12). So just obey Him. And if there is confusion, test the spirit by simply being patient with Jesus seeking Him for more heavenly wisdom (James 3:17-18). Jesus does not lead us into sin, He will not justify nor compromise with sin or holiness. Many say they hear from Jesus and the message is blatant sin, such as remarrying when one is divorced; Jesus will not lead you to do what He called adultery. This is just one example.

Believe and Obey

Lastly, when you receive from Jesus, believe it, do not turn around and second guess or doubt or try and "test" even more when you know it is Him. Continue to believe what He has said, and if what He has said is an instruction obey it. Not believing and not obeying will cause problems and add wrenches to when you go to Him in prayer to hear from Him.

These are four major principals in general house keeping when seeking Jesus and hearing from Him.

What does Jesus sound like?

We all have our own unique voice, so does Jesus, however because He speaks to us spiritually, we will find there is a diverse amount of ways He can and will speak to us that we will not be able to identify by a tone or sound of voice. Jesus does not want us to trust in manifestations which includes the sound of a voice. He wants us to trust in Him for who He is, this is why we need to discern His voice. Now there are many ways Jesus speaks to people to "get there attention", this is often through other people, the Bible, nature, there are so many different ways. But this is to get peoples attention, when it comes to having open dialogue and following His leading this is done through the Holy Spirit. So the question is what does the Holy Spirit sound like or rather how does the Holy Spirit even speak to us directly? There are many ways: through our heart and mind, through words (voices whether your own or others), imagination and visions, emotions, feelings, bringing things back to remembrance… basically all the common types of thoughts we have in our head on a day to day basis, this is spiritual communication. This is why we are not only judged by what we physically do but also by what we entertain in our heart and think in our minds, because the processes in our mind is actually spiritual processing. The world says, "Oh it's just your imagination!" but God says "Thats your imagination I gave you to glorify Me". What you think has creative power, what you hear in your mind is not always you.

Think about it, when you are being tempted by the enemy, does it not feel like you and does it not sound like you in your head? The enemy knows this and uses first person sentences to deceive us. So if the enemy can put thoughts in your head and invoke feelings that sound like you, why can't God? So the question is no longer what does the Holy Spirit sound like or how does He speak, but now the question is, which thoughts in your head belong to who? Is it you, the enemy or God? We know by judging the spirits message: Is it the Word of God or the dart of the enemy?

Judging the Spirits Message

When we are judging the message of a spirit, what we are doing is discerning the spirit, we are discerning between good and evil. The Bible speaks about this:

Heb 5:12 For indeed, although by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first elements of the Words of Elohim. And you have become such as need milk and not solid food.
Heb 5:13 For everyone partaking of milk is inexperienced in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe.
Heb 5:14 But solid food is for the mature whose senses have been trained by practice to discern both good and evil.

Those that are younger in the faith are still learning to discen the voice of Jesus verses the other voices, Ephesians also mentions this:

Eph 4:14 so that we should no longer be children, tossed and borne about by every wind of teaching, by the trickery of men, in cleverness, unto the craftiness of leading astray

The basics in how we judge is simple, based on righteousness (John 7:24).

The enemies messages when judged you will find they are encased with:

Sin: breaking the law, being in hypocrisy
Selfishness: Pride, lust, desire
Error: partiality, truth mixed with lies, full out lies, distraction
Stealing peace: doubt, confusion, fear, frustration, anger, depression, anxiety
Torment: Slanders, cursing, laughing, mocking
Destruction: Condemnation, guilt, self hatred
False light: quoting scriptures, words of Jesus, but never leading you to Grace only leading you back to the above.

The Holy Spirits message will be encased:

Righteousness: destroying sin in your life completely
Holiness: Setting you apart from the world and unclean things.
Love: Self sacrifice and the fruit of the spirit
Truth: Correct and right judgment, accurate teaching
Blessing: Peace, joy, life more abundant
Conviction: Correction regarding sin (which can come with very light guilt) which leads you to the truth that makes you free
Revelation: Telling you of new things, things about who you are in Christ, things about the Kingdom and things to come.
Light: revealing all things, with no partiality, hypocrisy nor error. Exposing darkness.

The kingdom of darkness is built on lies, the enemy cannot and will not lead you into teachings on how to overcome sin and his lies. Only the Holy Spirit can do this. Darkness cannot destroy darkness, false light can expose certain darkness but it also cannot destroy darkness. The Holy Spirit, Light can both expose and destroy darkness when we abide in the light, when we obey Him:

Mat 12:25 And יהושע knew their thoughts, and said to them, “Every reign divided against itself is laid waste, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.
Mat 12:26 “And if Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then does his reign stand?

1Jn 3:8 The one doing sin is of the devil, because the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of Elohim was manifested: to destroy the works of the devil.

Joh 3:19 “And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light, for their works were wicked.
Joh 3:20 “For everyone who is practising evil matters hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.
Joh 3:21 “But the one doing the truth comes to the light, so that his works are clearly seen, that they have been wrought in Elohim.”

So ultimately a spirit is judged by it's message and whats packed with the message and where the message is leading you, the results of the obedience to that message.

John spoke about how no spirit that is not of God can testify that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, this was true for his time, but today there are wickeder spirits out and false Christ that have been released where demons can now testify "yes" to this. It is not wise to test spirits using the 1 John 4 test as a password. Demons can now answer yes and even answer "Jesus" when asked who came in the flesh. The scriptures themselves warn of wickeder spirits being released in the end and how things will be worse. Anyone who doubts this and feels the scripture has been broken, should go and ask Jesus themselves, this is a testimony on this subject click here.

We should know the voice of Jesus, and discern between good and evil. This all takes practice, Jesus will lead and guide and teach all those who seek him and put their trust in Him.

Knowing the Truth

Many question how will they know the truth regarding non moral questions, questions that have to do with guidance or leading or future events. What if you need a right now answer? Well Jesus told us how we will know the truth:

Joh 8:31 So יהושע said to those Yehuḏim who believed Him, “If you stay in My Word, you are truly My taught ones,
Joh 8:32 and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

If we obey Him we will know the truth, Jesus teaches us how to walk in a way where we can properly discern the Truth, if we continue to obey Him and do as he teaches us we will know the truth. If we sin and continue in error then we can easily fall into deception. We must repent and do what we know, what He has taught us and live in that, and we will have confidence to Him. How can you expect to have confidence in hearing Jesus if you are listening to the enemy and sinning? This is not to say Jesus is not speaking to you and that you can not hear Him, this is to say if your listening to both the enemy and Jesus, the enemy will fight hard to get you to doubt Jesus. Choose who your master is, repent and hold to Jesus. Live in Him:

Joh 8:12 Therefore יהושע spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall by no means walk in darkness, but possess the light of life.

He said He is the light of the world, and we know light exposes darkness, and if we follow Him we will not walk in darkness, then if we do follow Him and obey Him, we will come by nature to know the truth. Even if we mess up and slip in error, those who truly seek the LORD He will correct them, we must trust Him. We must not be afraid of making mistakes but simply just be ready to learn and be corrected and change. We must believe all of this to be true or at least be possible and willing to learn. For what you believe dictates how you will live. Believe the words of Jesus and do them and you will never continue in error.

What if you listened to the enemy?

If you saught Jesus and got deceived and went with the enemy thinking it was Jesus. Give God thanks as it is written:

1Th 5:16 Rejoice always,
1Th 5:17 pray without ceasing,
1Th 5:18 in all circumstances give thanks, for this is the desire of Elohim in Messiah יהושע for you.

Rejoice always, in all circumstances give thanks this is the desire of God for us. Why do this, because now you have an opportunity to go back to Jesus and learn from your mistake. You will learn and even more than what you would have if you did not stumble. The point is do not give up and do not let yourself be condemned instead be quick to run to Jesus and be corrected and ready to move forward in His Grace.

Sometimes trial and error is the only way some of us will learn, sometimes we have to mess up to realize this is NOT the way we want to go. And in messing up and getting up you learn not to go back down this path. Just like a baby learning how to walk, or just like anyone new to a job where they are learning new skills. Do not give up or get frustrated, just be hungry for truth and willing to learn and love correction. The biggest thing is going back to Jesus, back tracking to see where you went wrong and learning from the mistake.

What does Jesus teach us?

Jesus reteaches us what we are willing to learn. Many come to Jesus and only learn somethings, many come to Him and learn how to overcome some sins, others learn how to stop sining and the ways needed to maintain ourselves, others learn all this plus the even more basic fundamentals such as how to be effectively taught by Jesus, or how to effectively guard the heart and mind, others learn all this and even more, such as the true levels of holiness that is expected in heaven, complete separation from this world, others learn revelations and mysteries that are scarcely found in the scriptures, the limits are endless. It is God's good pleasure to not only teach us the mandatory things but also the intimate things. He just starts with the most important, ceasing from sin, then moves on to others according to our faith and desire:

Errors you believed

Jesus if we truly trust in Him and are willing will show us the errors that we have believed including that of religious nature, conspiracy nature and even just simple life situational things. Jesus will begin correcting and teaching us the truths about errors of our own ways o thinking and ways of doing things that we would not even categorized as sin. He starts teaching us His wisdom. We are raised in a world and some of us in a religious world were the enemy has deceived everyone (Revelations 12:9, 1 John 5:19), so even after coming to a place were we hear and obey Him, there are many lies we still believe that Jesus starts correcting us in.

His Ways

This is one of the most beautiful things He teaches us, this is not limited to righteousness and holiness but also includes instruction on how to maintain and how to walk and how to even learn from Him effectively. Jesus literally has to teach us everything. Just like a baby growing up into a child then into adulthood. When we learn His ways it becomes very difficult to stumble and even fall into errors, because He is teaching us the methods in how to properly execute the foundation of what He expects of us to do to reach the required goal.

Learning how to learn from Him, we will understand how to come to Him about everything and received what we need.
Learning how to follow Him, we learn the exact mindset and ways to go about our day and nights with our eye and ears on Him.
Learning how to be perfect, we learn exactly how to think and keep our selves to guard everything He has given us.
Learning how to be a servant, we learn how to really submit to one another with out compromising His laws and how to stay humble.

Things like these are easily over looked, yet when learning these things it makes maintaining the first things He taught us and growing in deeper things much easier. Many never come to learn these things, and overtime if they are not careful fall short. Pride especially grips many.

His Culture

He teaches us of the culture of Heaven which is completely set apart from this world, it does not mix with this world at all. He transforms us and teaches us how to live in the life style He originated and designed both generally and personally to us. He starts with the laws of heaven, but He continues on to the ways of Heaven. Many are still stuck on the ways of this world our families and churches have taught us, very few put there utter trust in Jesus and live according to the Words that come from His mouth and live according to His miraculous provinding power. Many still trust money and this system of things and seek by their own strength to accomlish things and ask god for strength. Rather than giving up everything and just doing what He says and seeing Him literally provide.

Jesus was not joking when He said this:

Mat 6:31 “Do not worry then, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’
Mat 6:32 “For all these the gentiles seek for. And your heavenly Father knows that you need all these.
Mat 6:33 “But seek first the reign of Elohim, and His righteousness, and all these matters shall be added to you.
Mat 6:34 “Do not, then, worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow shall have its own worries. Each day has enough evil of itself.

People have jobs and still worry about money and what they will eat and wear. And if you read the context of that scripture he makes it clear he feeds the birds. All the animals of this world eat because God provides for them. In our culture though we say if we do not work we will not eat and quote Paul out of context and ignore the words of Jesus:

Joh 6:27 “Do not labour for the food that is perishing, but for the food that is remaining to everlasting life, which the Son of Aḏam shall give you."

The few who do repent and obey Jesus and stop sinning, still find it difficult to follow Him all the way into His culture and trusting Him with absolutely everything. Those who want it will come to Jesus He will teach them and bring them into life more abundant.

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